Monday, 29 December 2014

Fresher or New comer to share market Trading

Fresher or New comer to share market Trading

For some people it takes weeks and months and even years to decide whether to enter into Share market business or not because of following reasons.

i) The share market is considered to be only for brokers and highly experienced professional so common people stays away from it.
ii) Still most of the Indians consider the Share market is risky and money loser business/job.
iii) Lack of awareness due to absence of advertisement.
iv) Lack of training and guidance.
v) The last but not least that people think that share market requires lot of capital to invest or to trade.

Likewise there are lots of rumors which keep most of the people away from Share market. But the truth is like any other business/job, the share market also requires knowledge and experience.

As every field requires knowledge and experience to get success likewise is the share market.


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